Monday, 23 December 2013

Guest bloggers wanted! 12 Days of Mental Health.

I'm really excited that after a good response on Twitter, I'll be running a 12 Days of Mental Health starting Boxing Day with guest blogs!

Each day will highlight a different mental health condition, however, the catch is that they are ultimately positive. I want guest bloggers to find the writing itself therapeutic if possible, and realise that by sharing their story, they may be helping someone else realise they are not alone in the battles they face.

Blog posts will be about an individuals personal experience, and what they have achieved, regardless of this. No matter how big or small, every success should be celebrated.

There will of course be some informative stuff to help those who are unsure of why they are experience the symptoms they are, or to help understand the diagnosis of a loved one.

Would you be interested in taking part? I've already got a great response, but I'm looking for those who might have not ever blogged before. Don't worry - you don't need to be a hardcore blogger, there are no rights or wrongs. I just want people to share their story and recognise their achievements so that we can all celebrate together.

So far I have posts coming up on...
  • Anxiety
  • Social Anxiety
  • Psychosis (also touching on drug and alcohol misuse) 
  • Depression
  • Eating Disorders
  • Post Natal Depression
Ideally, I'd like guest bloggers who are comfortable to share their experiences of OCD, Bipolar, Schizophrenia, phobias, or anything else they would like to share. 

I feel incredibly honoured that my husband will also be writing a blog post about what it's like living with someone who has a mental health diagnosis. His post will be coming up first on Boxing Day so please grab a turkey sandwich and have a read. 

If you would like to get involved, you can contact me on Twitter (@Kimmobug), leave a comment on this blog post, or email me. 

There aren't really any requirements, but here's a basic outline of what I'd like:
  • A bit about you. No need for names if you don't want to. Whatever you feel comfortable sharing.
  • A bit about your diagnosis. What's it like to live with on a daily basis?
  • What have you achieved since being diagnosed? Did you face a fear? Do something out of your comfort zone? Help another person? No achievement is too small. 
  • What are your words of wisdom for those who have been through/are going through a similar experience? 
There's no word count as I would like bloggers to use the therapeutic process of writing. I may need to lop out a few words and put in trigger warnings if deemed necessary, but I will ALWAYS inform bloggers before publishing. 

It's also worth me noting that you will need to tell me if you would like to remain anonymous. Likewise, if you have your own blog, let me know, and if I deem appropriate, I am happy to link to this when posting your blog (I don't want anything too advertise-y, if that makes sense as I am trying to make this therapeutic for everyone where possible). 

Please also note that by sending me a blog, you give me permission to publish on my blog, the Hopeful Hummingbird. I reserve the right to remove the blog at any time, if I deem necessary. 

Sorry to sound boring, but it's important you are happy with the above before publishing. 

Thank everyone for your support, and let me know if you have any more questions. xxx

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