Friday, 5 April 2013

Eeek! It's been a month!

Apologies for the delay in posting! Things have been mega hectic and I shall explain why..!

It's been confirmed that I will be appearing in a documentary on BBC Three for their mental health season, thanks to Nine Lives Media. I am extremely nervous and yet incredibly excited all at the same time! I've never been on television before, and as I will be talking about my personal experiences, it's going to be a tough one. I'm not quite sure how my friends and family will find me talking about something so personal, but so far everyone has been incredibly supportive. I'm so glad of the fact that I am working towards breaking down the stigma around mental health though, and on such a potentially large scale. It's a massive step for me and a massive step for the breakdown of stigma in general.

I'm also grateful to Nine Lives Media as they have arranged for me and the other contributors to the documentary to take part in a Mindfulness course! Mindfulness is a fantastic technique and even my GP is a big fan of it, and was glad to hear I was having access to something like this. I have been waiting through the NHS Wellbeing Service for the same sort of thing, and I never really heard anything more after first being signed off last year. Little did I know though that I would be going to the Lake District though! I head down for the 19th April and am there for the weekend, staying in a beautiful cottage. Due to my anxiety I am nervous about travelling so far, especially as I won't know anyone! But as my other half quite rightly said, the chances are is that I will be with people on a very similar wavelength to me.

Another thing in the pipeline is a potential volunteering opportunity at Mind! I am INCREDIBLY excited about this, and I'm going to speak to them on Monday about how I can get involved. It involves finding resources for people who suffer from mental health problems which is something I would love to be a part of. Fingers crossed Mind think I'm suitable for the role as well!

In terms of my health right now, I'm not doing particularly great I'm afraid to say. Pressures have got to me again and I'm heading back to the doctors this afternoon to discuss my options. I'm lucky enough to have a lot of support, even more so than when I first got signed off work. Fingers crossed that it's a matter of just upping my dosage of Sertraline and just carrying on.

For now, time to sign off. The sun is shining, and that always does me the world of good, so I need to go and make the most of it now I've had some Weetos and am prepared for the day..! Thanks to everyone who has shown their support. xxx

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