Wednesday, 14 November 2012

I'm suddenly busy and I love it!

Eeek what's happened today?!

I've got a lot more pageviews, and I've been in discussions with numerous people! So what's in the line up?

I'm in discussions with a couple of people about the possibility of holding a Christmas fayre in the city centre, all in order to raise proceeds for Mind, a charity close to my heart. It's daunting doing something this big and this hectic right before Christmas, but for once, the business seems okay! My heart is racing, like it would when I'm having an anxiety attack, but it feels different. Excited. It's been a long time since I've found something I've been so passionate about. I can't stop thinking about it, it just seems to be everything I'm living and breathing. My poor fiancé must be going mad listening to my drivel, but it's his support that has given me the ability to push myself in to this, full steam.

I've contact my local Mind about getting some documentation, should the fayre go ahead. It would be important for me to provide this information to the public, to help sufferers and to get rid of some of that stigma a little bit more. I'm also going to contact Time To Change to see if I can set something up to get people to come in, have a cup of tea and talk about mental health. Now THAT would be incredible.

Am I getting too excited before my journey's begun?! I don't know. All I do know is is that it's made my IBS come back like crazy, but I know it's because I'm becoming so enthusiastic and energetic. I haven't had this energy in so long, it's like someone has given me a reason to keep fighting and to keep pushing my boundaries.

I had a chat with the other half tonight - I told him outright that I know what my health does to me, I know there's going to be times when it feels like nothing is working, because I've hit that brick wall before. I know there will be dark days where nothing seems to be going right and I'll wonder what all the effort is for. So I've told him that if that happens, to give me a kick up the bum, don't be soft on me. I need to do this. I'm not  really religious or anything, and I know this might sound contradictive to that, but this IS my calling, my purpose, and my mission.

Don't forget - it is okay to talk.

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