Thursday, 8 November 2012

Exciting day!

Wow I can't believe how today has gone! Fingers crossed that this is the start of exciting things to come...

So now having finished my Stress Control class through the NHS Wellbeing Service, I took some time over what I wanted to do next. The class explained in the last session what my options were, and I decided to take all the help I could get.

I've enquired about a class for Mindfulness, which sounds different to anything I've done in the past, but dates are yet to be confirmed. I've also expressed my interest for an anxiety workshop, but again, no dates. My other choice was the Mind Mental Health First Aid Training.

The Wellbeing service weren't sure about availability, and asked me to contact Mind direct, which I did so this morning. I read through the leaflet before making the call, as sometimes making a call can make me a bit anxious and stuttery anyway. I discovered something in this leaflet that I hadn't heard of in the Stress Control class and that was the option of becoming a Mind Associate. It sounds exactly like what I need so thought I'd enquire.

When I called, a really nice chap called Simon picked up the phone. Now here I was thinking this Simon was probably just an administrator, answering the calls and what not, but it turns out he was one of the people involved in delivering the training and attended Associate meetings. It was fab to talk to him! He told me exactly what the Mind training involved, and due to the popularity of the courses, the next availability isn't until January, but I've put my name down on a cancellation list so fingers crossed I'll get in before.

The training is a two day course and isn't any form of therapy or counselling, but seems to take a more educational approach, and giving me the tools I need to start recovery. I'm excited at the aspect of taking a different journey in helping myself so I'm very excited.

When chatting to Simon, I told him I wanted to be an Associate and I shared with him how I would love nothing more to help others with my problems. Even if I change the attitude of one person with regards to mental health illness, I'll die happy. I told him about this blog, and how I have been applying for tons of opportunities with Time To Change in the hope I can share my story. He told me how he had got to the point for working for Mind and he's invited me along to the Associates Christmas party (which seems daunting!!!) and a chance to chat through my options of building on my experience for my CV.

Plus when I mentioned the blog, he talked to me about the possibility of writing for the Associates magazine. This would be amazing for me - it doesn't matter that it's minor, it won't be global or anything, it's the fact that my words are published somewhere. It's something I have dreamt of for years, the chance to tell people exactly what it's like. Not a sob story, just a factual piece on what it's like living with this disorder day in and day out. I know it's early days but I'll be fighting as hard as I can to get a piece published!

So nothing really spectacular to blog about... sure... but I'm excited! Perhaps this could be the start of something.

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